dry eye syndrome

dry eye syndrome

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  • Dry Eyes- When tears don't do their job

    Dry Eyes- When tears don't do their job

    Dry eyes are caused by lack of tears or lack of quality or quantity of the components of tears that keep your eyes lubricated and hydrated. It is not about the amount of tears, it is the composition of the tears that matters most.

  • What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

    What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

    when the tear system is off the track and doesn't produce the required components to keep your eyes moisturized and lubricated? In such a scenario, you experience a condition called dry eyes

  • Learn the Common Causes of Dry Eye

    Learn the Common Causes of Dry Eye

    Dry eyes are usually caused by the lack of moisture and lubrication in the eyes, causing discomfort, pain, redness and blurred vision. Understand the common reasons of the condition to effectively avoid and cure it.

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