Tips and Precautions for Driving in Late Pregnancy

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Jul 19, 2013
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  • Driving late in pregnancy is not recommended; ask for help.
  • You may feel tired while driving because of the extra weight you are carrying.
  • To keep the legs in one position for long can be disconcerting.
  • Don’t compromise with safety; learn to wear seat belt in a safe manner.

There are bound to be concerns if you cannot avoid driving in late pregnancy. Do you know when you have to stop driving when you are pregnant?

Driving in third trimester

It may not be necessary to stay indoors at all cost or depend on someone to drive for you. However, you must take precautions for your own comfort and more importantly, to ensure that there are no adverse effects on you and your baby.

There are some complications which would prevent you to drive such as dizziness. You should nonetheless take into account the following factors:



Do you feel the baby bump overtiring? Apart from that, the rise in body temperature due to increase in the body’s volume of blood during pregnancy can cause sleepiness. You may be experiencing lack of sleep because of the discomfort caused by baby bump. Think of how your condition may impair your senses while driving. Besides, doctors recommend that it is best to avoid long journeys. Keep a bottle of water handy when driving to refresh yourself and keep the senses alert.



It can be very disconcerting when you have to keep your legs still in traffic. Traffic can bring about cramps even if you usually do not get them. If you get cramps only at night, it is perhaps all right but you must still bear in mine its possibility of worsening. To ward off this complication, flex your legs and circulate the ankles whenever possible.


Seat Belt could put Pressure on Baby Bump

It would not be right to compromise safety on the excuse of having a belly bump. You must learn to wear seat belt in a manner that does not pose any risk of harm to your baby.


Driving when in Labour

It is all right to drive during late pregnancy if you feel fine. But, make sure you have someone to drive you safely to the hospital when the moment of your child's birth comes closer. Your partner, mid-wife or nearby taxi service provider should be ready for this inevitable situation. You might even consider calling up an emergency ambulance if need be.

Your OB/GYN would have already advised you against driving in case you are experiencing such conditions that disrupt your ability to drive. If such is not the case, driving or not driving is completely up to how you feel.




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