Dont let the rains wash away your style

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Jul 29, 2010

 Don't let the rains wash away your styleThe monsoon may come as a great relief from the scorching heat but on the flip side it can wreak havoc on our style quotient. During the rains, most of us dread wearing our 'good and favourite' clothes, afraid that a sudden downpour may not treat them well.

We also crib about the trauma our hair has to go through. But we can't let the rains decrease our style quotient right?

Once the lovely weather sets in, one thing that we'll need to take care of is our basic grooming. So, to make the most of the weather and to make heads turn wherever we go, here are some styling tips for you to follow.


Hair care

The most basic rule for any season as far as hair care goes are:

o Wash your hair regularly. Make sure you do that every time your hair gets wet in the rain.
o Use a mild shampoo and condition your hair every time you wash it and apply it more on the shaft than on the scalp and the roots.
o Try out a shorter hairstyle this monsoon. Not only is short hair easier to manage but this will also give you a new look.
o Go for regular heena treatments and don't forget to pamper your hair with a hot oil massage or spa sessions once a week.
o Avoid blow drying and let them dry naturally.
o Just avoid going for chemical treatments like perming or permanent straightening during monsoons.


Skin care

The easiest tips to take care of your skin this season are:

o Drink lots of water. We know you have heard this a million times but monsoons only moisturise the weather and not your skin so it becomes doubly important to drink as much water as you can.
o Effective cleansing using a soap-free cleanser everyday is a must. You could also use a gentle scrub daily.
o Avoid heavy make-up during rains. It is important to use water-proof make-up.
o Nourish your skin by eating lots of salads. They are healthy, fresh and a lot better than roadside junk food!
o Make sure your hands and feet are dry so that you don't catch fungal infection. Go for manicures and pedicures regularly.


Clothing and accessories

Some simple mix and match of clothes and accessories can also help us get the desired chic look.

o As far as footwear is concerned, boots and heels are a big no! Go for flip flops, floaters in various designs and patterns.
o Capris and shorts are the best option for bottoms. Avoid wearing denims.
o Try out knee length skirts and dresses in dark shades as light shades go transparent when wet. Vivid coloured tops and dresses are in vogue.
o Trendy belts can add a dash of glamour to your otherwise sober dress.
o Beads, earrings, hair bands, cute clips generally make you look feminine and can help you experiment with your look as well.
o As far as bags go, choose the ones which are not just trendy but also big enough to hold all your stuff together and water-proof as well!

Take care of these simple things and nothing can stop you from enjoying the rains tension free while looking your beautiful self!



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