Does Arthritis Affect Sex and Intimacy

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Aug 18, 2012

Arthritis Affect Sex and Intimacy

Arthritis brings pain and especially when you try to move.  Along with that, arthritis can also hamper the ability of movement in your joints. The usual activities that you take for granted such as sex and intimacy can become painful rather than pleasurable, and this is not putting it metaphorically. Think for a moment - how difficult it would be for some people as it pains when they try to move.


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There is a definite link between low sex drive and people who have rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is causes such physical discomforts such as joint swelling, joint pain, joints sensitive to touch, morning stiffness and fatigue. These can last for up to many hours and also lead to weight loss, fever and little bumps under the skin called rheumatoid nodules.

Factors that limit the ability of arthritis sufferers from having sex include:

  • the fear of pain during movement.
  • Discomfort.
  • Fear of increased pain.

Sex should be taken as something that can release you from pain but not one that give you hurtful results. That is why patients who reduce their sexual expectations can enjoy it despite the chances of pain. It would put an end to aggressive sex and you would need to restrict yourself to only some motions which are achievable.


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Gentle, caring, and creative sex can actually soothe and heal you. After a sexual encounter, endorphins are released. These are the body's natural painkillers and their healing effect can last for hours.

Living and getting treatment for arthritis can affet a person's sex life . There are many problems and difficulties that may arise as a result of the physical and psychological changes caused by  arthritis. Whatever treatment is undertaken for ending pain, fatigue, and limitation of arthritis is should be based on making possible an enjoyable sex life. Many people find warm bath, hot shower, or soak in a hot tub can relax the body and eliminate some stiffness.


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Psychological problems can mess with a sexual act too. It is common for a arthritis patient to have a bad self-image at times. This is because their body has become distorted from the disease, so at the cost of their self-esteem. This can cause certain reluctance in sharing physical relationship with their partner.


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