Do Women Lie about Orgasms?

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Mar 25, 2013

Do Women Lie about Orgasms

Well, we can already see a frown on those beautiful foreheads ladies!

It is being increasingly said that today’s modern woman is a go getter and is not shy of expressing herself. Gone are the days when a woman ahs to bow in front of her man’s wishes and do things his way. Today she is an independent entity committed to bettering her own life. However, how much of this is true when it comes to sex? Are women still lying about their orgasms so that their men can boast about their virility and sexual prowess? Do women consider the lack of orgasms as a sign of their own weakness?    


Women are vocal about sex


Many are of the opinion that women do not lie about their orgasms. This is tantamount to the fact that because of their social and upliftment they are equal partners in an alliance, be it a marriage or a live-in relationship. Therefore, if they are not satisfied with their sex life they will in all probability not feel shy about discussing them with their partners. Sex is no longer just about procreation but a matter of mutual enjoyment.


Women feel self-conscious


Another point of view states that women, despite being well-educated and upwardly mobile are still coy about sex. They do not feel comfortable about discussing it. Moreover, they will feel if their partners come to know that about the fact that they fake orgasms, their partners will feel vindicated and insulted.


Women have no interest


Some people have also accused women of having no interest in sex and therefore, just faking an orgasm to please their man. This is based on the age old notion that if a woman enjoys sex then she must be immoral by nature.


Women are used to lying


Some are of the opinion that women lie to remain in the passive positive in the bedroom. Therefore they fake their orgasms because faking it seems like an easier option that confronting the issue head-on. Moreover, they want to project a sexually satisfied image in front of their peers and therefore, might end up lying about orgasms.

Well, there are some who will vouch for the fact they have faked orgasms so as to get done with the job, and some will tell you that faking something as precious as an orgasm doesn’t exist in their scheme of things. In such a situation answering whether lie about their orgasm runs into troubled waters. Let’s just say that a woman’s orgasm is as mysterious as she is!


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