Do Men and Women cheat for different Reasons?

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May 23, 2013

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Do men and women cheat for different Reasons

Men and women cheat have different needs when they look for sex and it is only obvious that the reasons for cheating would be different. Conventional wisdom would have us believe that men seek quantity while women want quality. To put it simply, men want sex for the sake of it while women crave for an emotional bonding missing or lost in their marriage. If we believe the marriage counsellors and psychologists, there is another reason for cheating in men, i.e. lack of appreciation from their partner. It may not be because they find the other woman more attractive than their wife.

Ian Kerner, a sex therapist in US, has said that female infidelity is different from the guys. His findings have found parallels with many infidelity researches in the US which started in 1994. Top reasons for cheating in men and women can be pointed out. In recent years, the proportions of cheaters falling in these categories have varied.


Top Reasons for Men’s Infidelity


  1. To have more sex – Men want to have more active sex life.
  2. Variety in Sex – The desire to enjoy sex life in different ways.
  3. Ego Gratification – Men have the urge to gratify their ego and at times they feel their partner does not respect them enough. They satisfy this need from a different person who may not even be as sexually appealing as their spouse or girlfriend.
  4. Opportunity – Men can fall for their urges when they feel they are safe from getting caught.
  5. Sexual Curiosity – Men may have the lustful curiosity for a particular person.
  6. Reaffirmation of sexuality
  7. Some men have the notion that they are naturally entitled to cheat just because of their gender.
  8. The thrill – The romance and thrill of chasing a woman gets the better of their marital vows.


Top Reasons for Women’s Infidelity


  1. Emotional Intimacy – Desire to have a close emotional bond.
  2. Dissatisfied Marriage – Women in unhappy or dissatisfied marriages tend to cheat on their partner.
  3. Attention – Many women crave and feel special about getting attention from men.
  4. Reaffirmation of sexual desirability as a woman.
  5. Relive the passion of romance.
  6. To feel special – Having an affair makes women feel special about themselves.
  7. Loneliness or Boredom.
  8. Feeling Neglected – Women often feel that they are being taken for granted by their partner. To feel respected and cared for, they tend to have an affair.


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