Do Men go through Menopause?

Here is an interesting piece of fact for men; men also go through menopause. Know what are the causes and signs of male menopause, better known as andropause.

Ariba Khaliq
Men's HealthWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Dec 13, 2012
Do Men go through Menopause?

Have you seen the men around you act weird of late, or if you are a man yourself, then have you been getting an eerie feeling? This may not be just a usual feeling of sickness, but a sign of male menopause! The masculine term for this weird feeling of going blue sometimes to experiencing low libido at others is called andropause. This may seem to be unbelievable news, however, more and more studies are suggesting the same. What we call "mid-life crisis," now seems to be a documented illness that men usually face during their middle age.

The Male Hormones

The male sex hormones named testosterone or androgens that are responsible for the development of the male characteristics, initiate much of these male-centric characteristics such as the enlargement of the penis and testes, growth of facial and pubic hair, deepening of the voice, increase in muscle mass and strength and growth in height during puberty. In adults, this testosterone works in maintaining the sex drive, the production of sperm cells and muscle mass.

Male Menopause

As one ages, this testosterone level declines naturally, however, the good news for men is that this decline is far less dramatic than it is with women. While for women, menopause means a sharp decline in estrogen and progesterone levels; in men, the drop in testosterone is much more subtle.


For some men, menopause occurs naturally, however, it has been seen that more often than not, andropause gets triggered by an illness, depression, dementia and obesity. There are also certain diseases that attack the heart and lungs that may further affect the production of testosterone. Those men who are found to have autoimmune diseases or cancer are found to be at a greater risk of low testosterone levels compared with other healthy individuals.

The Signs

Common signs and symptoms that men face during their andropause are:

  • reduced Sexual Desire
  • infertility
  • sinking in body size due to the thinning of bones
  • decrease in muscle strength.

You will find that the most common symptoms experienced by men with low testosterone is a diminished sex drive (experienced by 80% of men)  and a fall in the ability to get an erection. Men may begin to develop distaste for sex and should consult a doctor in order to rejuvenate their sexual health before it is too late.

Watch out for a sulking middle age; you need to be on the bright side of life! Do not get low.

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