Do Blind Dates Really Work?

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May 22, 2013

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Do Blind Dates Really Work

Both men and women usually wonder whether blind dates really work or not. For every person blind dates work in a different manner. For some people blind dates are hunt for their soul mates while for the others it is just a matter of an experience and fub. Blind dates are mostly arranged by friends with the assumption that ‘friends of friends’ would be wise option for dating. Some of the blind dates really work while in others people become prey to misjudgment of a friend.

Blind dates do work, they can help you to have a new friend or gain some experience. However, it is not every blind date that turns to a lifelong relationship but for some it can act as a medium to get your soul mate.

If you are single then you will note that your family and buddies frequently attempt to find a perfect match for you. They will probably approach you with some or the other date proposals. No matter how much the person knows you, no one can interpret the real ‘chemistry’ between two unknown people. To avoid weird elements of surprise you must find out the basics about the person.

Blind dates do really work if you are present at right time, with the right person and most importantly with the right approach. Most people fall for physical appearances and don’t continue the relationship if the blind date doesn’t appeal them visually.

Blind dates may work for you simply due to mutual acquaintances.  If your date is arranged by your close buddy who knows you well then try to know the person. After few dates you may find out that this was the person you were looking for.

Some blind dates work better than the others. Blind dates do seem forced and uncomfortable but with a positive frame of mind you can find fun element and make them work for you.



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