Difficulty with Intimate Relationships

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Mar 22, 2012

Difficulty with Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships are what hold the humankind together. By ‘intimate relationships’, we do not mean only those relationships that are connected through sex, but also those relationships that are connected through emotions. As it is with every kind of relationship, there are a variety of problems that make it difficult for intimate relationships to survive. Here are factors that make it difficult for people to keep an intimate relationship going.


Running away from Relationships

The problem of running away from an intimate relationship is most common with people, who are in a romantic relationship. Having been dumped at the corner of the street by an ex makes one relationship-phobic. This is also true with a physically, mentally or sexually abused child, who may find fault with his or her parents at all times and take efforts to stay away from them. At times, the fear of being thrown into acute depression once again gets so intense in the victim that he or she begins to get frustrated over himself or herself.  


Afraid of Getting Close

Some people find it painful to be closer to their family members or friends because they feel that the closeness can invite emotional devastation at the loss of the particular friend or family member. Children of parents, who are at wits end, tend to fear getting intimate with anyone and become marriage-phobic.


Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol dependence, as is popularly known, causes problems in all the aspects of one’s life including the victim’s health. As alcohol addiction begins to take a toll on the behavioural patterns of the victim, his or her relationships fade away.


Anger Problems

The n number of anger management classes that exist in the society is an evidence of how important it has become for one to control anger. Anger causes one to become controlling of his or her partner, friend or family member, which can thereby cause long-lasting problems in the relationship.


Hearing not Listening

You may be nodding at each other, but not really paying attention. Learn to listen to your partner, friend or family member’s problems and happy moments as that will only strengthen your relationship and help you grow.


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