Diet to Increase Thyroid Function

In order to increase the functionality of your thyroid gland, you need to take a look at your diet. Here is a diet list for you to consider for your thyroid gland.

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ThyroidWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Aug 16, 2018
Diet to Increase Thyroid Function

Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein the body stops producing enough thyroid hormones. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in our throat that releases hormones to provide energy to all organs of our body. It controls the functions of the body and when thyroid hormones are out of balance, the body’s natural functions begin to slow down. It could also lead to complications such as cholesterol, heart attack and stroke. 

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It is a more prominent problem among women than in men. It can be diagnosed with a regular blood test or by noticing the symptoms. The early symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, lethargy, dry skin, increase cholesterol levels, thinning of hair, menstrual changes, muscle weakness and many other symptoms. 

Diet plays a very important role if you want hypothyroidism to take a back seat. While it is not scientifically proven as to which foods would increase your thyroid function, but certain diets are considered to be beneficial for your thyroid functioning. These foods can help absorb iodine, which is a major contributor to the production of the thyroid hormones and this will help in hormone distribution throughout the body.

Here is a diet list that will help increase the functionality of your thyroid.

Organic Foods

Organic eggs, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, vegetable juices, beef liver and kidney and sprouts which are derived from organic seeds are believed to increase thyroid activity. In addition to all this, the bread which is made from sprouted grains, such as Ezekial or manna, and sea salts are recommended for increasing the functioning of your thyroid gland.

Oil, Nuts and Seeds

There are healthy oils which include extra virgin olive oil, unsaturated canola oil, linseed oil and unrefined coconut oil. It is recommended that these oils be used in cooking and salad dressing for thyroid. Also, nuts and seeds such as cashews, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds are recommended for you to boost thyroid function; you must, however, avoid peanuts.


You will find certain vegetables that contain vitamins and minerals and can help to increase your thyroid function. You are advised to include garlic, onions and mushrooms in your diet as they also contain high quantities of vitamins and can play key roles in thyroid gland health. You can also eat kelp, which you will find in seaweed salad at Japanese restaurants the dark matter that is used to roll sushi may be purchased at health food stores. It comes in brown, green and red varieties.

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Foods Containing Iodine

High iodine foods like sea salt, iodized salt, seafood, eggs, dairy, cheese, bread, shellfish and yogurt can be included in your diet for a more efficient thyroid function. See a doctor in case you are concerned about your thyroid producing too much or too little iodine. By increasing or decreasing these foods, you will regulate the thyroid.

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Choosing the right food is a deciding factor for your thyroid glands smooth functioning. An amalgamation of diet and the right combination is essential to improve thyroid functions. Following a good diet suitable for hypothyroidism can reduce the symptoms and help you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body.  

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