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  • Yoga for Eyes - Sarvangasana

    Yoga for Eyes - Sarvangasana

    Sarvangasana or Shoulderstand, is an inverted asana in yoga. It is considered as the "queen" of asanas, an important and beneficial pose for your eyes. To begin, lie down on your back on a mat and lay the arms alongside your torso.

  • Yoga for Eyes - bhunamasana

    Yoga for Eyes - bhunamasana

    bhunamasana or cobra pose have many variations which may seem like small movements. bhunamasana is one of the most valuable yoga postures. It stretches the spine, strengths the back and arms and very useful for your eyes Begin by lying on your belly.

  • Bhastrika pranayama

    Bhastrika pranayama

    Breathing exercises by Swami Ramdev.

  • Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

    Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

    Yoga Expert Sanjana batra states that Pranayama is a breathing exercise to manage stress. By doing pranayama you become less aggressive and become more calm and composed. For this you have to sit straight with your head and neck in a straight position.

  • The Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

    The Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

    Vinita Gogia explains the the health benefits of Surya namaskar. The surya namaskar has a sequence of 12 positions that correspond with the 12 zodiac signs. The 12 positions help one to improve his/her posture balance and flexibility.

  • Yoga for Health - Wood Chopping

    Yoga for Health - Wood Chopping

    Yoga Expert Vinita gogia tells about wood chopping yoga. This yoga reduces fat in the shoulder areas tones the shoulder muscles. Sit in a squatting position with your back straight.

  • Yoga for Health - Vajrasana

    Yoga for Health - Vajrasana

    Yoga Expert Vinita Gogia tells about Vajrasana. It is also known as thunderbolt pose.Put your legs and knees together with toes apart. The big toe touches the other toes. Hands should face downwards. This pose helps to treat many digestive problems.

  • Yoga for Health - Sheetkari Asana

    Yoga for Health - Sheetkari Asana

    Vinita Gogia, meditation therapist, performs the sheetkari pranayama or hissing breath To start, sit in any meditative position, open your lips and fold your tongue towards the throat, touching the tongue’s tip against the upper palate.

  • Yoga for Health - Ujjayi Pranayama

    Yoga for Health - Ujjayi Pranayama

    Vinita Gogia, meditation therapist, according to Ujjayi Pranayama is known to work wonders for people suffering from thyroid problems. Sit in a comfortable meditative position with your hands in gyan mudra.

  • Yoga for Health - Sheetali pranayama

    Yoga for Health - Sheetali pranayama

    Vinita Gogia, meditation therapist, demonstrates the sheetali pranayama or cooling breathe prananyama. Sit on the floor in any comfortable meditative posture. Your hands will rest on your knees in gyan mudra.