Diabetic Foot Exercises for Better Blood Circulation

Exercises to boost blood flow in feet for diabetics.

Gunjan Rastogi
Written by: Gunjan RastogiUpdated at: Oct 31, 2012 17:02 IST
Diabetic Foot Exercises for Better Blood Circulation

Diabetic Foot Exercises for Better Blood Circulation

Along with other chronic complications of diabetes, such as increased risk of heart diseases or obesity, reduced blood circulation may also trouble a diabetic. Therefore, it is important for diabetics to be physically active and keep their legs, especially feet in motion. Listed below are some exercises to boost blood flow in feet for diabetics.


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Tip Toe Walking

Tip toe walking helps diabetics to increase blood circulation in their legs and feet. Also, this foot exercise strengthens the patient’s  calves and ankle muscles. Here is how you can perform this exercise.

  • Stand with your back and neck straight, knees slightly bent and arms to your sides.
  • Put your body’s weight on your toes and extend your arms to your sides. Try to maintain balance with this position.
  • Walk ten steps forward. Now, get back to the normal position and walk ten steps backward.
  • Repeat this foot exercise as many times as you want.


Calf Raises

The next foot exercise for diabetics works by boosting blood flow to  the feet and strengthening the lower legs. To perform the calf raise exercises, follow the given instructions.

  • Stand opposite to a wall or chair with your back straight and place your hands on the wall or chair for support.
  • While maintaining balance, rise on your toes. Once you’re completely on your toes, hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • Lower your ankles slowly.
  • Repeat the calf raise exercise until you’re tired.
  • As the repetitions increase, the time you keep your toes raised will also increase.  


Foot Circles

Foot circles trigger blood flow to your legs and feet. Here are the instructions to perform foot circles to maintain normal and unhampered blood circulation.

  • You’ll require a chair to perform this exercise. Sit on the chair, keep your feet flat on the floor and stick your arms to your sides.
  • Extend the right leg forward so that it’s perpendicular to the floor and your toes are pointed upwards.
  • Now make ten circles in the air with your raised leg; ensure your ankle is stable as you perform this exercise.
  • Repeat the circles counterclockwise with your raised leg.
  • You may repeat this exercise with your left leg.
  • This exercise will also tone your thighs.


Ankle Pumps

This diabetic foot exercise will improve blood flow to your feet. Follow the given instructions to perform ankle plumps.

  • Lie on your back on a bench or bed. To perform ankle plump, slightly bend your knees and keep your arms to your sides.
  • Now in this position, pump your ankles together in backward and forward motion.
  • With back and forth movements of your ankles, the lower half of your legs will also move.
  • Repeat the exercise until you’re tired. You may also use alternate ankles to perform this exercise.

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