Diabetes Can Cause Sexual Problems in Women

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Feb 29, 2012

Diabetes Can Cause Sexual Problems in Women

Women affected by diabetes become prone to more sexual complications owing to high blood glucose levels in tissue and nerve supply. However, the effect of diabetic condition on sexual organs in women is almost similar to men.  Among most common sexual problems in women with diabetic condition are low sexual desire and inability to have orgasms. The scenario sometimes spoils the relationship with the gradual decrease in sexual activity.

Women with Type I diabetes are less likely to experience sexual issues, in comparison to women with Type II diabetes. If diabetic condition receives right treatment at the right time, the probability of developing sexual problems becomes considerably less. Besides sexual concerns, diabetes may also bring along depression, anxiety, gastroparesis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and pregnancy complications.

Painful Sexual Activity

Women in diabetic condition experience discomfort during sexual intercourse. During the arousal phase, women’s sexual organ gets lubricated in a sexual response cycle. But with the diabetic condition, level of lubrication falls down, which results in lower sensation in the vaginal area. In this manner, achieving an orgasm becomes difficult. In this manner, blood flow affects vagina and clitoris that adds to sexual concerns. In addition to the discomfort during sexual pursuit, it also decreases sex drive in women.


One of the major concerns with diabetic women is pregnancy. The diabetic condition, wherein blood pressure becomes high, has an impact on fertility and foetus. Besides, there is another possibility that diabetic condition may pass on to the offspring. These risks can be prevented by pre pregnancy counselling and following cautionary measures directed by the expert.

Other Sexual Concerns

  • Infections such as thrush, cystitis and genito-urinary are the other sexual concerns of women with diabetes.
  • Diabetes also leads to chronic complications to eye, kidney, nerve and blood supply, which could also raise sexual concerns for women.
  • Medication used for treatment of diabetic condition can also bring sexual complications. For example, antibiotics used for treating urinary tract infection increases susceptibility to vaginal thrush. Moreover, some of the antibiotics also have negative effect on the action of contraceptive pill. Therefore, women in a diabetic condition have restricted choice of contraception as oral contraceptive pill heightens the risk of blood clots. Moreover, IUD use raises the risk of womb infection in women with diabetes.


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