Depression Myths and Facts Revealed

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Nov 16, 2012

Depression Myths and Facts Revealed

Despite being a common condition, depression is often interpreted wrongly. Depression myths further add to the confusion surrounding the illness.


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Enlisted are the facts that will bust  some of the common myths about depression.

Myth: A depressed person needs anti-depressants to treat it.

Fact: Anti-depressants are effective to lift your mood, but it isn’t the solution to take one out of depression. Mild to moderate depression condition may not require medication. Moreover, a range of side-effects are associated with these drugs  which make them unhealthy, outweighing the benefits it renders. Besides anti-depressants, there are several treatment options such as counselling and alternative therapies (aromatherapy and yoga) to help with the symptoms of depression.


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Depression is a natural part of aging and only adults get depressed.

Fact: There have been several studies to debunk this myth. Depression is not a normal part of the aging process, as several other factors contribute to it. A loss of a near one, health problems, side-effects of a medication and stressful work life are some of the factors that may be the reason of depression.

Myth: Telling depressed person to pull themselves together will help them.

Fact: Telling a depressed person to pull themselves together discourages and pushes them further into depression. Telling them to seek help for their problem or blaming them may even make their condition worse.

Low self esteem is a very common symptom of depression, which may occur due to several reasons such as a bereavement, stress at work, job-loss or break-up of a relationship. If you make sure that you care for them, you can help them fighting depression. Friends and family can play an important role to take the depressed out of his/her state only by listening sympathetically and encouraging the person to talk about how they are feeling.


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Myth: Having a control on your emotions in the key to recover from depressive state.

Fact: A common notion is ‘when you have mastered your thoughts or have control over emotions, you won’t need medication for depression’. Emotional balance is just one crucial part of its treatment. Those with severe depression also need medication besides having a control over emotions.

Myth: If you get depression, it affects you throughout your life.

The popular belief is that even after depression treatment, people will need help or support their entire life. Depression is just a phase of   life, which doesn’t stays forever.


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