Deflate your Balloon of Myths about Miscarriages

There are many myths associated with miscarriage which add to the misery of a woman who is already dealing with the sorrow of losing her child. So, debunk those myths and start over new.

Vasudha Bhat
PregnancyWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Jun 25, 2014Updated at: Jun 25, 2014
Deflate your Balloon of Myths about Miscarriages

For a lot of women, being a mother implies that she is complete. The feeling of giving birth to another life is simply blissful for any female. However, this divine feeling comes with a very thin lining of fear; the fear of miscarriage.

The news of pregnancy comes with a feeling of immense joy and along with it comes the dread of miscarriage.

Miscarriage often gives birth to many myths. Like, many women blame their miscarriage on several situations but, the fact is that miscarriages are caused due to disorders in the genetics and chromosomes. If there are any troubles detected in the chromosome, the development of the feotus is affected, which eventually leads to miscarriage.

Let’s debunk similar myths which almost every pregnant woman has come across.

Myhts About Miscarriage

Diet and Workout

Expecting women live with the idea that many foods and exercises are responsible for miscarriages. But, the fact is that food and workouts only have an effect on the child’s development in the womb and are not much associated with miscarriages. However, there are few food items like raw papaya which must be completely avoided during pregnancy.

Having Sex

Miscarriages happen due to genetic defects but, many women fearing for the child’s health stop getting intimate with their partners the moment they discover that they are expecting. The fact of the matter is that if it feels comfortable for you, you can continue getting intimate with your partner till the time you deliver without having any ill-effects on the unborn child’s health.


Stress undoubtedly has some harsh effects on the child’s development inside the womb. However, by no means it would end your pregnancy.

Myhts About Miscarriage

Earlier Abortion or Miscarriage

Movies have some serious effects on our lives and when you watch the female protagonist being told by the doctor that she can never conceive after her miscarriage over and over, you start believing it to be true. But, don’t let fiction take a toll on your mental well-being because that isn’t the truth. In all chances you will carry the pregnancy successfully after a miscarriage.


Many women treat little bleeding in early pregnancy as a sign of looming danger. But, the fear is completely unnecessary. The fact is that 40 percent of women experience slight bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is absolutely normal.

Immediate Cleaning after Pregnancy

Women live with an illusion that if a miscarriage occurs, immediate medical assistance is required to clean the body. A delay in medical attention may lead to infection or sepsis in the body. But this again is an assumption and holds no water. The truth is that there is no harm if the woman has to stay with dead pregnancy for some time.

Radiations from Electronics

Women believe that radiation from electronics like computers and laptops are hazardous for the child and may also lead to abortion. This isn’t true at all. The radiations are low enough to cause no harm to the child in the womb.

Miscarriage in itself is one of the saddest events occurring in a woman’s life and to top it all, some myths make the already shattered woman blame her habits for it. Debunk those myths to start over new and have a happy pregnancy period.

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