Dating and Relationship Advice for Women

Dating Tips and Relationship Advice for Women- Women should learn some basic dating tips and be prudent about relationship to avoid mistakes. Dating should be such that no embarrassing situations develop between the two and there is a gradual adva

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jun 17, 2011
Dating and Relationship Advice for Women

From dating a man to getting into a relationship with him is a challenging venture for a woman. Women often make a few mistakes. With advice on how to make the relationship work and connecting with men without dampening the spark, women can learn to have a lasting relationship. Get some good dating tips that help to make it easy going and avoid embarrassing moments. Keeping a relationship going is an even more daunting problem than enjoying your date. You should follow advice for that too.


Dating Tips for Women


  • Dating is like facing a job interview for someone special who could be your significant other after some time. You need to make a good impression and this would involve dressing up well. You should be desirable to your date and a good dress would give the impression that you are interested in him.
  • Do not start conversation on personal issues. On your first date, do not reveal too much of personal information that might end the relation before it even starts.
  • If you are dating online, never reveal information like where you live, where you work or any kind of financial information. There is no dearth of scamsters who cause harm or steal by accessing your online account.
  • If you want to meet your online date in person, choose a place where you are surrounded by other people.
  • Keep a list of conversation starters to fill the moments of silence that are bound to come when meeting someone for the first time.
  • You can try group dating if meeting someone alone is intimidating for you. It can be group lunch or dinner, or an outing such as picnic or hiking.
  • When looking for a long-term commitment, date only those people who are compatible to your sensibilities. For example, if your religion is important for you, it would not be advisable to meet people of other religions who might have some other religious notions you do not like.


Relationship Advice for Women

If your dating has been wonderful and now you want to enter into a more meaningful relationship, do not over analyse and pull your hair out. Be sure of what you want and follow some good advice:


  • Have a plan for going into a relationship. Do not go into relationships with a closed eye. For example going into a bar to look for potential long-term relationship partner is not likely to be fruitful. You should know the most suitable place for finding such partners depending upon the choices you have made.
  • When you have made your choice about the kind of guy you want, have patience till you find one. Do not lower your standards just because you have not been dating for some time.
  • Make it clear to your partner about what you expect of him and behave in ways that is expected of him. Help your relationship go the long haul by advancing to it gradually from dating.


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