Dating and Relationship Advice for Men

Dating and Relationship Advice for Men – Dating can be the start of a lasting relationship but you need to be careful about not messing it up early. Relationship advice for men given here focuses on the tougher task of managing your relation

Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: May 02, 2011
Dating and Relationship Advice for Men

Dating is the start of a possible long-term relationship and men should neither burn out too fast nor lag behind in the start if they want the acquaintance to blossom into something more meaningful. It’s all about pacing the relationship and having the forbearance to make it last. Since these are two entirely different aspects of life, dating advice is different from relationship advice.


Dating Advice for Men

  • Learn to listen – You should learn how to listen. Women are not looking for advice or exchange of opinions and all they want is someone who should hear them out. This is applicable to their regular venting or the unburdening of what they felt after a day is past.
  • Keep Distance – Clinging to one another for too long is likely to burn out the interest in romance. Have a life outside the relationship as “your girl” probably has as well. Be careful and considerate to let her know that she is on your mind all the time. It could be a phone call or a simple gift to be presented later. Also, being with her should be the priority in your life. If anything were to postpone the date, telling her about it at least a day before would be good.

If the dating blossoms into a relationship of empathy, it is even more challenging to make it last. There is no advice that can be specifically helpful to all but some general guidelines can help you to take care of your relationship.


Relationship Advice for Men

  • Leave the past behind – If you have had some issues in the past, like bad childhood or a traumatic experience, it may be the right time to resolve these issues right now before getting into a serious relationship. You might want to see a counsellor or just talk yourself out of the situation with an analytical mind. Make sure that you are emotionally stable before taking on this responsibility.
  • Keep Distance This is one advice which is applicable to dating as well. After entering into a new relationship, you might want to spend each and every moment together but this is usually not the best thing to do. Have other interests and friends. They will help you to resolve if any issues come up in your relationship.
  • Be Honest – Tell her about every little detail without thinking that little deceptions from time to time are ok. Never give her the slightest of reason to distrust you lest it causes irreparable damage to your relationship.
  • Keep Breathing New Life into your Relationship – However long you might have stayed with your significant other, never get complacent about it. Relationships can always improve and you need to make efforts for it. Breathe new life into it even if you have stayed together for decades.


This is by no means an exhaustive list for dating and relationship advice for men. Patience and forgiveness are the two attributes of a lasting relationship.