Cycle your way to good health and fitness

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Oct 11, 2010

Want to know an open secret to good health and fitness? Exercise, swim or - just cycle. Cycling, a means of communication for some is also a medium to good health for others. And this age-old exercise isn't failing to charm the youth too.


Cycling is catching up with young people. And it is quite evident from the emerging cycling clubs all around.


The younger generation is falling in love with the saddle and the paddle. How busy they might be in their lives, they are all finding time to gear it up, if not everyday then only on weekends. Take it as a simple exercise, physical workout or adventure sport; it keeps up your health equation beyond doubt.


A great way to socialise, this fun-filled, leisure activity gives you ample chance to make new friends on the way. Explore, as you get to discover new places in the city each day. The younger generation is aware and concerned about the environment. This indeed is an eco-friendly mode of transport adopted by many countries on a regular basis by office goers.


"A long cycling spree doesn't tire you, you feel refreshed and all pepped up. I had an accident last year and tore my knee ligament, got operated upon. I started cycling as it was my hobby but in the process it convalesce my knee movement."


The other, very obvious reasons are related to health and overall well-being of the body as a whole.


As Dr Bharat Kanchan, Fortis Hospital, Cardiology Department adds, "Cycling is a kind of an aerobic exercise as it's a physical workout that is intended to improve intake of oxygen and its circulation throughout the body. It is greatly helpful in minimising the risk of heart diseases. And it might be a little known fact with people, but cycling really helps keeping blood pressure under check."


In fact, cycling has been found to be really effectual for patients diagnosed with cancer and diabetes. It increases metabolism.


The list of benefits doesn't stop here. Cycling helps in shedding those extra kilos is a palpable fact but add to this, in the process it aids in building up your stamina and strength.


So get rid of that bulging fat around your waist and abs, at the same time feel reinvigorated. It relieves and relaxes you a high time as it'll help evaporate all your day's stress and anxiety. It has also proved to be beneficial for depressed people. It strengthens and tones your calf and thigh muscles.


So, get a cycle if you don't have one or wipe the dust off the old one standing in a corner of your verandah. Get on the move and get started. Socialise and make new friends, expand your circle. And your health won't be far behind to catch up with you.


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