Cut carbs and lose weight fast

You may be familiar about low carb foods, but have you heard about no carb foods? When it comes to weight loss, consuming no carbohydrate foods is a popular dieting plan. Explore more!

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Weight ManagementWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 10, 2011
Cut carbs and lose weight fast

Take no carb foodYou may be familiar about low carb foods, but have you heard about no carb foods? When it comes to weight loss, consuming no carbohydrate foods is a popular dieting plan. If you go through the various weight loss diet programmes, you will notice that most of them focus on low or no carb foods.


Let's take an example of Atkins diet in which the induction of phase meal plan consists of foods low in carbohydrates, but high in proteins and fibres. Hence, dieters who strictly follow this diet programme abstain from consuming rice, potatoes, pasta, and certain fruits and vegetables.


By no carb foods, we mean those natural or processed food items that are zero in carbohydrate content. Doctor may prescribe a no-carbohydrate diet only if a patient is diagnosed with underlying health conditions related to insulin and blood glucose levels. Following is the list of low carb foods:




Water is considered as one of the healthiest carbohydrate-free drinks. It is not only carb free, but is also essential for keeping the body hydrated and carrying out the normal metabolic processes of the body. Drinking about eight glasses of water decreases the appetite, thus helping in weight loss. Other no carb drinks include coconut water and diet soda. Read more on low carb drinks.


Dairy products


Majority of the dairy products, excluding milk, contain no carb and are a favourite food item for those who want to lose weight. Butter, one of the popularly consumed dairy products, is also free of carbohydrates. But, keep a watch on butter intake as it contains 80 per cent fat.




Many of the cheese types contain very low to no carbs. For example, gruyere and Monterey Jack contain only about 0.1 g carbs per three slices, while cheddar, fontina and muenster contain 0.2 g carbs per three slices. Spread cheese on grilled or baked meat for a perfect no carb meal.


Salad and vegetables


Salad vegetables are found to be zero in carbohydrate content. Based on the taste preference, one can include vegetables like parsley, lettuce, mushroom, celery, radish and spinach. Read more on low carb vegetables.




Eggs are also no carb foods. Hence, they form an important food item for no carb diet. Eggs are rich in protein, amino acid, fat, cholesterol and tryptophan. In order to obtain maximum benefit from eggs while following a no carb diet plan, they can be hard-boiled.




Not all fish are carbohydrate-free, however, some of them contain very low to no carbs. Some of the fish varieties that have no carbohydrates in them are sardines, tuna and salmon. They can be prepared by boiling, grilling and baking to retain zero carbs.




Beef and most other meat varieties, before they are processed, are no carb foods. You can bake or grill meat for no carb dieting. Nevertheless, meat is enriched with carbs after being processed. Thus, depending upon the meat processing method, the amount of carbohydrate content may vary.


Carbohydrates are crucial for the body. Hence, complete elimination of carbohydrate from the daily diet menu is nearly impossible. One can practise a low carb diet for a particular period, but only under medical supervision. If low or no carb diet is followed for a prolonged period, there are chances of developing unusual symptoms and other health complications.



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