Could you have a sleep disorder

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jan 20, 2013

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If you are spending enough time in bed and still wake up tired or feel very sleepy during the day,you may be one of the estimated 40 million Americans with a sleep disorder.


The most common sleep disorders are insomnia,sleep apnea (sleep-disordered breathing), restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy.


Although sleep disorders can significantly affect your health, safety, and well-being, they can be treated.


Talk to your doctor if you have any of these signs of a sleep disorder:

  • You consistently take more than 30 minutes each night to fall asleep.
  • You consistently awaken several times each night and then have trouble falling back to sleep,or you awaken too early in the morning.
  • You often feel sleepy during the day, you take frequent naps, or you fall asleep at inappropriate times during the day.
  • Your bedpartner says that you snore loudly, snort, gasp, make choking sounds, or stop breathing for short periods.
  • You have creeping, tingling, or crawling feelings in your legs or arms that are relieved by moving or massaging them, especially in the evening and when trying to fall asleep.
  • Your bedpartner notices that your legs or arms jerk often during sleep.
  • You have vivid, dreamlike experiences while falling asleep or dozing.
  • You have episodes of sudden muscle weakness when you are angry or fearful, or when you laugh.
  • You feel as though you cannot move when you first wake up.

Keep in mind that children can have some of these same signs when they have a sleep disorder, but they often do not show signs of excessive daytime sleepiness. Instead, they may seem overactive and have difficulty focusing or doing their best in school.


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