Coping With a Leukaemia Diagnosis

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Oct 11, 2012

Leukaemia or blood cancer affects the blood and the bone marrow of the patient, and to be diagnosed with this condition, it would probably shatter you. However, despite this just remember that there are others on the same boat and like them you need to learn how to cope with this entire episode. Stay calm and strong so as to notice the brighter side of life, because in the words of Wordsworth, “into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary”. This article is an attempt to help you look for positive aspect in our lives.


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Coming to Terms

It is difficult to face a sudden catastrophe, moving from a position of everything to a sudden state of nothing. In such a situation, you must hold your fort and take charge . Start researching about the disease because unless you know about it, the unknown will engulf you completely.  This will also equip you with ways to deal with  challenges ahead of you. Even if the patient is a child, he or she must be informed about what is coming their way in order to  make them face their fear and get accustomed to it.


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Ask Questions

You must be answerable to yourself about everything that is related to leukaemia and so make a questionnaire for your doctor/ specialist. Ask any question that you have related to your disease and never ever hesitate thinking it would be a stupid question. You might also require  chemotherapy treatment for leukaemia and it is a very new thing about which you have only heard of until now, so ask any question related to it.


Include questions related to various kinds of treatments available to treat leukaemia like the chemotherapy or allotransplantation. Never ever hesitate in asking something to your doctor.


Questions can be thus :


  • What about the side-effects of getting chemotherapy?
  • What can I do to lessen the side-effects?
  • What medication will I be put on, for how long and how often?
  • How long will it take for me to recover or is there a chance of complete recovery?
  • Dos and don’ts in life post  diagnosis.


Join a Support Group


Spare some of your time to visit a support group and interact with people, who are in a similar state; you will gather a lot of courage from the many stories you hear. You will see how people have shed their inhibitions and started to lead a normal life, or perhaps what may seem to be a normal life. The main point is to get along with life and try to get the best treatment possible.


Stay Active


Get involved and do something that would keep you busy, you can either go after your daily affair or do something you are passionate about. But you must take it easy on the health front as chemotherapy and other treatments have their side effects and getting tired would come very easy to you.

The most amazing thing about life is the fact that it is there, you have it here, right now, in your own grasp. You can certainly spend your days brooding over lost health or you can look at the setting sun and know that the sun will shine once again.


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