Condom Sales Zoomed in India

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Jun 03, 2011

Condom salesIs there any possible link between recession and contraceptives? Before giving us that shocked look, please read this - A recent data released by market research firm Nielsen shows that sales of the contraceptive category rose around 30% during 2009-10.


Awareness levels are louder than ever

According to the Delhi statistical guide published of late, oral pills have been recognized as effective contraception in the last three years. Condom, although, continue to be preferred over emergency pills among Delhiites.


Now that the idea of condom is gaining popularity among India, will be it be safe to say people are becoming more conscious?


Dr Asha Sharma, Head of department Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rockland Hospital admits that lately she has seen quite a few changes in the attitude of women when it comes to post-sex concerns.


“Young and educated people are far more aware of their sexual health than before, and are using safety measures”, says Sharma.


The progression is towards the extent that now men are also well-informed and are supportive.


28 years sold sales executive Rashmi Chawlai says, “I have set plans as to when I am ready to start a family. Not only my hubby understands and supports my decision but now my extended family also feels OK with my decision”.


Over-the-counter pills: A hit!

In case of contraceptive pills, the extraordinary growth is accredited to the easy availability of pills over-the- counter.


Spring Dales Hospital’s Consultant Gynecologist Dr Kriti Kumar supports emergency pills on principle. For the most part it prevents women from hazardous abortions.
“Looking at the free-flowing knowledge, I would sincerely suggest women to use contraceptives with optimum knowledge and care”, adds Kumar.


To wrap it all up, we just want to say it is perfectly cool to use condom while making hot love. Go for it!


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