The Classic Bedroom Errors Women often Make

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Nov 25, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Do not expect your man to read your mind.
  • Do not expect them to be ready for sex all the time.
  • Communicate your desires to your man.
  • Take proper care of your overall health and hygiene.

A woman’s sexuality can be complicated and demands communication, negotiation and attention. There are many people who associate their sexuality to various aspects of life like power, attractiveness, acceptance, control, etc. Thus, communicating with your partner becomes necessary. But, be careful as it can be helpful as well as risky. So, for all the women out there, here are 5 top mistakes that you may be making in bed.

Mistakes Women Make in Bed

Expecting him to Read your Mind

Men cannot read minds and it is for you to understand that. Moreover, the things that can please a woman or make her have an orgasm can vary. Thus, you must let your partner know what pleases you the most. You must be specific but at the same time gentle in showing them what your likings are.

Being an Inactive Partner

There are various ways in which you may be giving signals that you are a passive partner. This could be a big turn off for many men. It is not necessary for men to take the first step each time. Start initiating sex and be willing to try out new things and as a result, you will get to see how your partner falls in love with you all over again.

Expecting him to be Ready for Sex all the Time

Women must understand that men do not have a switch to put them on the sex mode. It is normal for men to not want sex all the time. They can be stressed, tired or simply not in the mood. Stay cautious about this fact and respect their desires. However, if you are still willing to get them into some action, use foreplay just the way they do.

Mistakes Women Make in Bed

Talking during Sex

Any talk which is not related to sex can turn off a man during the intimate moments. Most men like to doze off after sex because this is how their body has been designed. So, if they are not willing to talk after sex, don’t take it personally. If you let your man have his space and time, he will surely get back to you with more love and attention and that is when you can tell him everything you wanted to talk about.

Being Unhygienic

If you opine that hygiene is only for men, you must reconsider your thoughts. Women must also take care of their hygiene and overall health. When you are going out on a date, it is normal for you to expect your man to wear clean and ironed clothes, put on some lotion and wear a good perfume. Well, all this goes for you too. Men also expect you to do the same.

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