Causes of a Sexless Marriage

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Jul 05, 2011

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Depress coupleSexless marriage is one in which couples do not have sex for months or years. This has serious impact on the stability and longevity of married life. If you really want to have a happily married life for the long haul, do not ignore sex. Sex may not be the be all and end all of marriage, but it is very important for keeping the bond between two individuals alive.

There can be many reasons for a marriage without the pleasures of physical intimacy. In general, it is all about the emotional bond coming to a standstill. Do not be content with drudging on with a dull relationship. Be proactive; go to the root of the cause to get your marriage back on track.


What Causes Sexless Marriages

  1. Hectic Life – This is one of the major reasons for sexless marriages these days. Keeping pace with the demands of the contemporary lives does not leave couples with time to enjoy the company of each other. It comes to such a pass that spouses feel as though they were two roommates living together rather than two people who share emotional and physical intimacy with each other.
  2. Sexual Disorders – Difficulty in performing the sexual act due to disorders like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction and others are one of the major sex dampeners. This could be due to side effects of medications or any medical condition. In women, childbirth or pre-menstrual phase brings down the sex drive. Look for advice on bringing new life into your marriage from marriage counsellors, sex therapists or the doctor who can treat your disorders.
  3. Misunderstanding – Do not let misunderstanding ruin your relationship. There is always a chance that some issue or the other begins to play upon a partner’s mind and he or she cannot get rid of the thought. The working professional might find he or she is working very hard to make ends meet while the homemaker feels that the other is out enjoying life. Guard against these notions with a mature view of things.
  4. No Sexual Spark – Your physical appearance may not appeal to your partner. This could be due to disregard of how you look, excess weight gain, stress at work and similar reasons. Learn to show your best side by some grooming. Try to ignite the spark you felt during initial dating.

Knowing the cause of lack of sex in marital life will help you in resolving the problem.


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