Carry a ‘Beauty-full’ Travel Bag this Vacation

Carry a ‘Beauty-full’ Travel Bag this Vacation:Pack your travel bag with these beauty essentials to feel and look fresh wherever your travels take you.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Travel HealthWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 18, 2012
Carry a ‘Beauty-full’ Travel Bag this Vacation

Notwithstanding the place your travelogue is going to sketch this season, travelling can wreck havoc on your beauty regimen. To do better this time on your vacation, follow the mantra: less is more. Carrying a well-curated selection of beauty aids is prerequisite to travelling light and looking radiant. Check out these travel-ready beauty essentials that you must take on road.


For Hydration

If you are flying to your destination, it would be handy to know that the airplane air is drier than the air in the deserts on earth. Therefore, spending a couple of hours in the plane would suck the moisture out of your skin in no time. To keep your skin hydrated and cool, carry beauty products that are made with organic ingredients. Prefer something that has aloe vera gel in it to relieve the skin of dryness and help restore hydration.


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From Face to Toe

To pamper your body from head to toe, grab a kit that offers a selection of cleaning cream, lotion, hand salve, lip balm and foot cream. Prefer products that are natural, known for their effectiveness and of course, wallet-friendly.


Raw Food for your Skin

Eating food raw does not only do good to your body, but also to your skin. Grab a holistic, organic skin care essentials kit that is biologically active with living ingredients. The kit must include a day and night eye cream, treatment oil, cleanser, soothing gel, mask, toner, etc. By the end of your vacation, you would only be happy you took this advice seriously.


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Wipe and Go

Packing will be a breeze if you make wipe and go products a part of your travel kitty. A wipe and go product would include cleanser, toner and make-up remover all in the form of a juicy, vitamin-soaked wipe that is made from biodegradable products. These will effectively remove water-proof make-up.


Help your Hair

If you look excellent in the face and chaotic in your hair, you would probably scare fellow back packers away. Grab a hair helper from the beauty shop that is made of natural, simple ingredients, dry shampoo powder, etc to refresh your locks.


First Aid

There are three essential first aid items that should always be with you: arnica for minor injuries and bruising, charcoal for intestinal upset and wild weed salve for flaring skin conditions and all-purpose skincare.

This round-up of travel ready beauty items will help you look your best while you travel.


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