Can you have Sex during Pregnancy

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May 03, 2011

sex during pregnancyMy wife is 4 months pregnant. Is it safe for us to have sex during pregnancy? I feel uncomfortable to ask our family doctor. We are keeping away from sexual contact; but I do feel the urge for sex. What do we do?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by couples who are planning to start a family. Lack of information on the subject of right method, timing and regularity leads to varied false beliefs and at times,  total withdrawal from sex. This often goes wrong, as the woman, due to her psychological, mental and emotional needs, fails to comprehend the behavioural changes in her partner.

Here is the doctors’ take on sex during pregnancy


Dr Shivani Sachdeva Gour, infertility expert and gynaecologist at Phoenix Hospital

If you're having a normal pregnancy, sex is considered safe during all stages. Many expectant mothers find that their desire for sex fluctuates during certain stages in pregnancy. Also, many women find that sex becomes uncomfortable as their bodies get larger. The couple needs to keep the line of communication open regarding their sexual relationship. They should talk about other ways to satisfy their need for intimacy such as kissing, caressing, and holding each other.


Dr Asha Sharma, gynaecologist at Rockland Hospital

You should avoid having sex in the first and the last trimester. The first three months are a strict no-no because it can cause a miscarriage. There are chances of infections caused due to sexual activities in the last three months.

On the other hand, there are reasons why intercourse during pregnancy becomes more enjoyable. An increase in vaginal lubrication and engorgement of the genital area leads to greater pleasure during sex.

One must discuss their feelings about sex and sexuality with their spouse. This will lead to a more fulfilling sex life. If either of you do not feel like having sex, this can be particularly important.


Dr Rahul Gupta, sexologist at Ashok Clinic, Delhi

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