Can you get Pregnant Anytime?

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Aug 06, 2012

Can you get Pregnant Anytime

A woman conceives when sperm fertilises the egg, which is released during ovulation. The egg moves down to the fallopian tube through the uterus where sperm can live for a few days. A woman gets pregnant if the egg meets the sperm when the former is on its way to the fallopian tube, but if there is no egg, there can be no pregnancy. The duration of a woman’s ovulation is alternatively called baby-making window. It is the most fertile time during which having sex is the best bet.


When can a Woman get Pregnant?

It may seem that fertilisation of egg and sperm results in pregnancy, but it is not as so easy.  Even if a woman has a normal menstrual cycle and times sex perfectly, she has only 20 per cent chances of getting pregnant in any given month. If she has a cycle of 28 days, she will ovulate around two weeks before her periods.  Before a woman ovulates or her body prepares for ovulation, the cervical mucus is more abundant, clear and stringy. This mucus aids in free movement of sperm. Also, during these days making love can make a woman pregnant right away. On non-fertile days, the mucus is cloudy and tacky. An unfertilised egg can live up to a day whereas a sperm can survive three to five days or even more in a woman’s body. This means that a woman has chances of conception from a few days before her ovulation and on the ovulation day. If a woman avoids making love when she is ovulating, she cannot get pregnant.

A woman having hormonal disturbances or on birth control pills may have trouble in figuring out the exact ovulation day. Every woman has varying monthly cycle duration and therefore, everyone’s day of ovulation is unique. No matter what the average length of a woman’s cycle is pregnancy is possible only if the sperm is readily available to fertilise the egg during the fertile-window.


Can a Woman get Pregnant during her Periods?

A woman can possibly get pregnant during her periods, though the chances are very slim. If a woman menstruates, it doesn’t mean she is not fertile. It is possible that a woman is about to ovulate while still on her period. A sperm can live up to three to five days in a woman’s body, but under the best condition/s, it can survive for more days. If a woman has had unprotected sex during her menstrual cycle and ovulates in the next four or five days, there are chances that she can conceive.


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