Can Sexting replace Relationships?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 05, 2011

Happy couple The new word doing the rounds in the world of dating is sexting. Sexting essentially is sending sexually explicit content such as nude photographs and alluring messages via the phone or internet to initiate sexual dialogue with someone. The paucity of time and the lure of the cyber dating space have made online sexual liaisons an easy reality!

Sexting is fairly a new phenomenon which has picked up steam due to the lack of personal interaction among individuals. The pressures of life hardly leave any time for people to forge new, meaningful and real relationships. Therefore, online dating services and the social network seem like easy getaways built exactly for the purpose.

Recently a study conducted by Diane Kholos Wysocki located at the university of Nebraska and Cheryl Childers and Washburn University has looked at the way in which people are building relationships via sexting and also how infidelity is being propelled by virtual erotic dating. They looked at a website which aims at finding dating options for married people.

For the study, the researchers interviewed about 5200 adults regarding their sexual activity on the internet, opinion on cyber dating and the amount of time they found online. It was found that although people do go online and become friendly with strangers they actually prefer real relationships more! Although internet sex and sexting are the ‘in’ things, what a person actually wants is face-to-face communication and liaisons.

The results do look favourably on real relationships and the need of human beings as social creatures to make real contact. But it is also indicative of the fact that internet dating and sexting are means to indulge in reckless fun which can hurt the sentiments of people involved. Therefore, beware of sexting and what it involves the next time you feel like sending a naughty text/image to that hot someone online!



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