Can love make you fat?

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Feb 01, 2013

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Can love make you fatLove can totally make you fat. Scientists at the University of California, San Diego found that married women put on weight after they get married as compared to their men. It gets worse. They even found that the longer you are in love, the more weight you tend to put on.  And the cherry on the cake? Men and women both may suffer from this problem.


Once the women are off the dating mark

The hypothesis seems to be that once a woman is off the dating market, she has a lesser incentive to maintain her appearance. So, once the focus shifts from needing to look great, women tend to indulge in fatty foods and sweets a tad more than usual, thus bringing on the weight gain.

Looking deeper, researchers found that all the women they tracked ate more sweetmeats while in a loving, committed relationship than when they were single. Another reason of course is the reduced stress levels.


Physical health is a reflection of mental health

It has been seen that people who have great work pressure, or have a bad boss, or severe problems at home lose weight, get dark circles under their eyes and generally become less healthy. Basically, this means that physical health is a reflection of mental health. And being in a relationship can do wonders for those stress levels. A loving partner can make it easier to deal with the bad boss, the work pressure, and every other problem under the sun; because you know you have someone to share the troubles with, someone to lean on, someone who will “be there” for you—no matter what. So, when you’re not worried, you’re healthier. And what you eat, well, sticks on!


We guess that’s why they’re called love handles

And if being in a committed relationship can do this much for you, imagine what living with your partner can do! Marriage and living-in are the best for health...and weight gain. Apart from the emotional happiness that helps you retain weight, there are other reasons that contribute to this phenomenon as well.

In a trend that is being called ‘dietary convergence’, scientists claim that when a couple begins to live together, the woman starts consuming more junk, while the man’s diet tends to improve. So, why does this happen? That’s because a guy usually has more junk food around the house than a woman (and now the scientists confirm this!!), making it easier for you to get your hands on the calories. The other reason is that while women may normally eat smaller portions than men, when they start living together, they tend to start matching their portion size with that of their man. Needless to say, that spells disaster for their waistline!

The lives of couples that live together tend to revolve around food a lot more than when they were single. Think about it! You curl up on the couch together watching that late night movie...and who’s on the couch with the two of you? Aha! A bowl of popcorn or is that the almost-empty packet of cookies you swore you wouldn’t finish till next week? Stack that on top of the ‘man-sized’ portion of dessert you ate at dinner and you have yourself the perfect weight-gain cocktail!

The thing to do is to be aware that this is happening. If you know what you are doing wrong, it’s that much easier to rectify. So, next time you want to munch on something, pick a bowlful of grapes instead of the packet of trans-fat filled munchies. And make sure your love nest is padded with healthier snacks (yes, we mean of the fruit and sprout variety) so that you can still enjoy having that perfect figure years and years into your wonderful life together.

So, ladies, watch out. We wish you a lifetime of happiness with your man, and hope that you’re still watching that waistline!




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