Boasting Online as Satisfying as Sex

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May 15, 2012

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Boasting Online as Satisfying as Sex

Tests have revealed that bragging about oneself on Facebook makes one feel better and triggers the same pleasurable feeling as that of winning money, enjoying food and even sex. The participants of the research were found to be keener on bragging about themselves and were more likely to choose losing money over their chance to carry on bragging.

According to the neurologists from the Harvard University, the findings of the study not only applied to boasting in person but also to boasting on social networks online such as Facebook. The tests were done with the US team using an MRI scanner to monitor the brain activity in the subjects, who were told to talk about their own beliefs and thoughts first followed by those of others.


The readings on the MRI scan showed that there was an increased activity in the mesolimbic dopamine system, the area of the brain that is linked to the pleasure of winning money, reward in sex or enjoying meal, when they talked about themselves. In another test, the team offered the participants small amounts of money if they answered questions about someone else such as Barack Obama. It was found that the participants were ready to give up 17% and 25% of their earning only to talk about their own lives.

According to neuroscientist Diana Tamir, who conducted the experiments along with her colleague Jason Mitchell, self-disclosure is rewarding and that the study helps explain why people engaged in the behaviour. The reason that has been identified is that it gives them a subjective value.


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