Best Sexual Positions for Conception

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Jun 04, 2012

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Getting pregnant may have been an easy task for some couples; some may have to put in extra efforts to ‘make a baby’. In order to conceive, couples resort to various procedures from keeping a track of ovulation to trying different sexual positions, which may aid in conception. This has always been a topic of debate that some sexual positions aid in conceiving and some do not. Let’s see what those best sexual positions are which help you in getting pregnant:
Best Positions to Get Pregnant
Missionary position

It is considered as one of the best sexual positions when one is trying to get pregnant. In missionary position, the man is on top. This position ensures that the sperm can reach the egg faster and easily. Keeping a pillow under woman’s buttock when having sex in the missionary position is another idea to increase the chance of getting pregnant. This position ensures that the sperm will directly travel to the egg and will help in getting pregnant faster. It is said that in this sex position, delivery of sperm is very close to the woman’s cervix.

Rear entry style

Rear entry style is commonly known as the doggy style of sexual intercourse. The woman lies on all fours and the man makes the penetration from behind.  This position is also considered to increase the chances of getting pregnant as in this position, the style of entry ensures that the sperm will be delivered in close proximity of the cervix of the woman.
Side by side style

Another position which may help you to conceive is side by side style. The couple lies down side by side, facing each other. Sexual intercourse happens in this position.  The side-by-side style of sexual intercourse aids in making the cervix of the woman more approachable for the sperm.
Whatever sexual position you might try for increasing your chances of conception, the most important thing to ensure is that that after the sexual intercourse, the sperm remains within you. This is why you should not get up immediately after sex, lie for 15-20 minutes as you may never know when conception happens. Another important thing to keep in mind if you are trying to conceive is to keep a tab of your menstrual cycles. After 14th day of your last cycle, ovulation starts. This is the most fertile period and having sex in this time will surely get you the desired result. Know the indications that your body gives while ovulating. Your basal temperature increases and with the use of ovulation calculator, you can know the exact days when you ovulate.



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