Best Sex Positions for Conception

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Apr 27, 2015
Quick Bites

  • Try the missionary position.
  • Make a rear entry.
  • Penetrate while lying side by side.
  • Make sure the penetration is proper.

If you have been trying for some time but not succeeding in conceiving, chances are that you are not paying attention to what increase your chances of conception. Some positions given here make conception more likely. If your doctor has declared you free from any sex problems, these tips would surely help you conceive soon.

Conception Positions

The Missionary Position

The man on top, missionary position is the best one for conception. The prominent reason for this is the penis is penetrated the deepest in this position, enabling the sperm to reach the closest to the vagina. Woman can further improve the chances of conception by putting a pillow below her hips. This maximises the contact of sperms to the cervix.

Rear Entry

If the man penetrates the vagina from behind, it can help to conceive. This is because the sperm can be released closer to the cervix, increasing the chances of conception.

Lying Side by Side

If you adopt this position during penetration, it would put lesser strain on both the partners. If you are overweight or suffer from back pain, this position would be particularly helpful to you in conceiving.

Penetrate Well

Man should penetrate deep and keep the penis inside the vagina for as long as possible. This would ensure that a minimal amount of semen leaks out. Moreover, after removing the penis from the vagina, the man should pull together the woman’s labia to prevent leakage of semen.

Conception Positions


Hold the Sperm in

In order to hold the sperm in, woman should keep lying on her back for 20-30 minutes, with her lower back raised a bit by a supporting pillow. The slight upwards tilt of pelvis would keep the sperm in. After she gets up, some ejaculate would still come out of the vagina, but the sperms that flow out of the vagina are no longer capable of conceiving. So, getting up after 20-30 minutes increases the chance of conception despite the fact that some ejaculate flows out.

If you feel that the woman needs to have an orgasm in order to conceive, that is not true. Although the accompanying waves of orgasm help to get the sperm closer to the cervix, but it is not necessary that only that will lead to conception. It would be too dull to stick to a sex position for too long even for conceiving, and so look for one that you like. Whatever sex position you use, make sure you are enjoying what you do! This is important even from the point of view of conception.

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