Best Exercises for Lowering the Risk of Uterine Cancer

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Oct 08, 2012

Best Exercises for Lowering the Risk of Uterine Cancer

A study at the American Association of Cancer Research suggests that women engaging in exercise for 150 minutes a week lower their risk of uterine cancer by 34 per cent. The study’s findings about cancer’s risk in underweight and overweight women is rather surprising; while the former were 73 per cent less likely to develop uterine cancer with regular physical activity the latter reduced their risks by 52 per cent.


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Exercises to Prevent Uterine Cancer

The American Cancer Society recommends 30 minutes of exercise five days a week to decrease the chances of developing uterine or endometrial cancer. The most effective exercises that will help you reduce uterine cancer risk are:


Brisk Walk: Brisk walking is an easy and effective exercise to cut the risks of contracting endometrial cancer. According to a study at the University at California, briskly walking a mile burns up energy and gives less time to the carcinogens in the food to reach the intestinal lining and develop into cancer.


Floor Exercises: Floor exercises involve tensing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. In floor exercises, the pelvic muscle is held tight, knees are bent and legs are pulled apart. The exercises support the lower abdominal organs to prevent pelvic pain and occurrence of inflammation that may develop into cancer. Practitioners are advised to hold the position for longer periods for better results.


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Yoga Positions: Incorporating yoga positions, such as uttanpadasana, into practise helps reduce the risk of uterine cancer. In this yoga asana, a practitioner lies on his/her back with legs and feet straight by the side. Thereafter, the legs are raised up straight i.e. 90 degrees for a few seconds. This yoga position supports the pelvic muscles and reduces excess weight around the waistline by strengthening thighs, waist, hips, back and spinal cord.



Paripurna navasana, also referred to as boat pose, strengthens the pelvic region, hip flexors and the spine. It helps to reduce the risk of gynaecological disorders such as cervical and uterine cancers. Similarly, uddiyana bandha posture (an advance breathing yoga exercise) strengthens the abdominal region, the pelvic areas as well as the uterus to maintain a healthy digestive system by producing pancreatic fluids. Blood rushes into the heart and returns freshly oxygenated to each organ, to help body's fight against cancer by making available as much oxygen for healthy cells.


Massage Therapy: Health experts recommend massage therapy for uterine cancer patients to enhance the body’s immune system by flushing out toxins. Massaging also helps to reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility.

Health experts agree that the best way of preventing endometrial cancer is by maintaining a healthy weight, which can be done with engagement in physical fitness.

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