Benefits of Sex for Women

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Sep 06, 2011

Benefits of Sex for Women

Other than the gratification of physical craving, sex has many health benefits for women. With the sexual act, a lot of emotional and physical changes take place in the body and these have a positive effect on both men and women. Study undertaken by the researchers of Women’s Health Programme at Australia’s Monash University have shown that the women who had sex less than twice a month are inclined to be more sick than the rest.


How Sex Makes Women Healthier

  • Relax with Sex – This is the most obvious fact. Some people affirm that sex is ten times as effective in helping you relax as valium.
  • Sex makes women look better – There are two hormones that are released in the body as a result of having sex which make women look better. One of them is oestrogen which is produced in significant amount during sex. It makes the women’s skin smoother and the hair shinier. Having a sexual relationship increases the level of pheromone in the body and this has a positive impact on the looks of a woman. She turns more attractive with the rise of pheromone in the body.
  • Have active sex to lose weight – Experimenting with positions in having sex can be a good way to lose weight. Trying out new and new styles and positions for sex may be just the enticement you needed for being active!
  • Sex sports – Be a sport! Have sex. Just make sure that it is safe. Indulging in sex can be the best sport but you just need to make sure about your protection. Every muscle in your body is tightened during sex and this is good for health.
  • Skin health and sex – Sex releases sweat and it can cleanse your skin pores and make it glow. Not only this, having sex in a leisurely manner has been linked to reduction of dermatitis and lessening of rashes and stains on the skin.
  • Treat Depression with Sex – The oestrogen and endorphins released in the body during sex can give immediate relief from depression. It works even in persons beset with prolonged and deep depression.
  • Cure Headaches – Having sex can release tension in nerves that supply blood to the brain. The tension in such nerves often results in headaches.


In the Monash University research, it was stated that health benefit of sex in women is particularly dependent on the climax. That means women should have a satisfying orgasm to make the most of health benefits.


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