Benefits of Good Sex

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Feb 25, 2013
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  • Having sex can benefit your health in numerous ways.
  • It works as a stress-buster and a pain killer.
  • Your intercourse sessions can be a substitute for your workout sessions.
  • You can reduce your chances of having a prostate cancer if you have sex regularly.

Yes, we all know that sex not only gives pleasure and helps in bonding but also benefits our health. But exactly how we are benefited might be quite surprising as we tell you. The act of sexual intercourse is still a matter of embarrassment and disgust for many, not realizing how it helps your overall health and quality of life or relationship.
The following are the benefits of good sex in a relationship:

Sex as a stress buster

Sex helps lower blood pressure and eases tension of the mind and body. Frequent sex helps your body cope up with stressful situations better by not letting the blood pressure rise. Sex need not be penetrative to help in dealing with stress, other sexual activities such as hugging and intimate moments help too. Penetrative sex is more relaxing and stress busting than compared to other forms of sex. Close human touch is very comforting and provides a feeling of security, making you cope with everyday issues better.

Sex as a workout

Sex acts as a total body workout as all the muscles of your body stretch and tone during the act. Sex also helps you burn calories and is an enjoyable mode of exercise. A vigorous session can burn the same amount of calories as fifteen minutes of brisk walk on the treadmill.

Sex and Health


Sex and the heart health

Sex improves blood circulation and improves the levels of cholesterol. The heart beats faster and pumps more blood during a sex session resulting in better circulation. Having sex often in a week can reduce your chances of suffering from a heart attack.

Sex as a “feel good” factor

Sex acts as a boost to general wellbeing and can raise your confidence levels. Meaningless sex might not do as good as loving sex. Studies show that married or committed couples lead a better satisfied life. Intimacy can make you feel emotionally secure promoting inner happiness. One feels wanted and important during lovemaking which can boost your self-esteem too.

Sex as a bonding experience

The closeness of a loving partner and reaching orgasms together boosts level of “love hormone” oxytocin which helps in developing connection and bonding between partners. Good sex gives rise to better sex in the long run.

Sex as an immune booster

-Sex can help you keep infections and illness at bay by boosting your immune system. Having sex once or twice in a week can raise your immunity against common cold and other infections.

Sex and Health

Sex as a painkiller

Sex boosts the level of oxytocin hormone which in turn results in release of endorphins or the “happy hormone”. Endorphins help in alleviating pain, so bid farewell to headaches, joint pains and even pre-menstrual symptoms.

Sex exercises the pelvic muscles

Pelvic floor muscles contract and relax during penetrative sex. It is important that your pelvic muscles are strong as not only it gives you more pleasure during sex but also helps in the problem of incontinence which is involuntary leakage of urine.

Sex reduces chances of prostate cancer

Various studies have shown that frequent ejaculations reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer.

Sex as a sleeping potion

Adequate sleep is essential for good health and the surge of oxytocin hormone during sex.

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