Advice for Men on How to Get Noticed With a Healthy Skin

A man may take interest in his appearance when looking for the right woman or simply feel better and young. Here's a list of advice for men to get noticed.

Himanshu Sharma
Skin CareWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Apr 30, 2013
Advice for Men on How to Get Noticed With a Healthy Skin

Men's grooming has come a long way in a last few decades. Like women, men are concerned about their improving their personal presentation nowadays. As men's skin is different from women, rather than using regular beauty care products, they should invest in beauty and skin care offerings targeted towards them. Seeing the surge in demand of male grooming and beauty products for men, the marketers have flooded super stores with all men cosmetics that could have been possible.

Beauty Tips and Advice for Men

Listed are beauty tips for men to help them get noticed and stay looking younger longer.

Basic skin care
: A man’s skin has larger pores than a woman's and because of this their skin is relatively more prone to gets dirtier or oilier. For a glowing skin, daily cleaning is a must. If you’re using any cosmetics for moisturising or skin-protection, make sure they are fragrance-free or natural as the ingredients may cause irritation to skin.

Hair care: Regular shampooing and conditioning is a requisite to keep away from hair trouble. Many men encounter gray hair prematurely. For them, there are many natural hair dyeing products available in the market. Grey hair make a man look older. So, when your grey hair begins to get noticeable, you should apply these products at home with immediate results. The hair dyeing products can also be used on beard and moustache and help men to sport a young look.

Basic grooming
: A groomed man looks better. Regular haircut keeps unkempt hair away from appealing face. Nails should always be clean and cut once a week. Men can use electric razors to cut nose hair, ear hair and facial hair. If you have a ‘monobrow’ (brows that are not separated between each other over the bridge of the nose), you can either remove it by waxing or using razor.

Men’s cosmetics
: Men can really benefit from cosmetics, although they cannot hide their face behind a makeup. Many men ignore the effect of sun on skin, which has tendency to cause irreparable damage. Sunscreen is an essential for skin care and shielding skin from tanning and sun spots. Nowadays, there are several moisturisers in market which also improve complexion besides preventing skin from harmful sun-damage. For dark circles, men can use under-eye concealer so that effects of late night can be hidden.

Lifestyle and habits:
A healthy diet and regular fitness regime indeed help to keep a man looking young. Diet provides nutrition for the skin cells while physical exercise induces sweat to remove toxins from the body. Owing to this reason, maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes elementary to skin care and is seen as a better option than using expensive creams. Moreover, habits such as smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis can have a negative impact on skin by sapping the moisture from the skin and clogging pores.

The aforementioned recommendations not only present a chance for men to sport a youthful appearance but also make them confident to have a winning edge over their counterparts.



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