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Tamil Baby Names Starting With N with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
NairitSouth WestBoyMuslim
NaailAcquirer, EarnerBoyMuslim
NilashriBlue Beauty GirlHindu
NilashaBlueness GirlHindu
NilambariClothed In Blue GirlHindu
NilakshiBlue Eyed GirlHindu
NileemaA Beauty By Its Blue Reflection GirlHindu
NiketaGoddess Laxmi GirlHindu
NihiraNewly found treasure GirlHindu
NikitaEarth, Victorious GirlHindu
NidraSleep GirlHindu
NidhyanaIntuition GirlHindu
NidhipaTreasure Lord GirlHindu
NicikaPerfect GirlHindu
NetraEye GirlHindu
NikkiSmall GirlHindu
NazmaStar GirlMuslim
NazreenWild Rose, Blue Scented Flower GirlMuslim
NeeladreeBlue peak GirlHindu
NeelakshiBlue Eyed GirlHindu
NeeliThe sky's colour GirlHindu
NeeshikaNight GirlHindu
NeetalThere is no ending Ne-No Tal-Ending GirlHindu
NeethiTruth GirlHindu
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