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Tamil Baby Names Starting With D with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
DyuthiLight, Sun Shine GirlHindu
DwitiDual, second GirlHindu
DwaniVoice GirlHindu
DvitaExisting in two forms, Spiritual GirlHindu
DutiIdea, Goddess Lakshmi GirlHindu
DumaSilence, Resemblance GirlHindu
DuladeviName of Goddess GirlHindu
DuaBlessings GirlHindu
DristiEyesight GirlHindu
DrishySight GirlHindu
DrishaniDaughter of the Sun GirlHindu
DrisanaDaughter Of The Sun GirlHindu
DoyelA Songbird GirlHindu
DorothyGift of God GirlHindu
DollyLike Doll GirlHindu
DolikaDoll GirlHindu
DnyanadaIntelligent GirlHindu
DiyuLamp GirlHindu
DiyaLamp GirlHindu
DivyathiWhite GirlHindu
DivyataDivine lights GirlHindu
DivyanshiPart Of A Divine Power GirlHindu
DivyanshaDivine GirlHindu
DivyanaDivine GirlHindu
DivyakshiDivine Eyes GirlHindu
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