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Popular Baby Names Starting With I with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
IshamlFlower GirlMuslim
IsraaVariant transcription of ISRA GirlMuslim
Iffat-AraDecorator of Chastity GirlMuslim
IfrahTo make happy GirlMuslim
InaamAct of kindness, Benefaction, Bestowal GirlMuslim
IshraRelated To God GirlHindu
IkshanaSight GirlMuslim
IdhitriOne Who Praises GirlHindu
ImranProsperity PopulationBoyMuslim
InnilaSweet Moon, BrilliantGirlMuslim
Irfanknowledge, learningBoyMuslim
IsvariBest among the divine GirlHindu
IsukaArrow like, An apsaraGirlHindu
IsanaSovereign, another name for durga GirlHindu
IpsitaWished for, desiredGirlHindu
IndumatiThe full moon, FairGirlHindu
IndulekhaA digit of the moon GirlHindu
IndukantaBeloved of the moon, nightGirlHindu
IndujaDaughter of the moon, another name for the river narmadaGirlHindu
IndrasaktiThe energy of indraGirlHindu
IndrahutiInvocation of indraGirlHindu
IndrabhaLight of indraGirlHindu
IndrabalaDaughter of indraGirlHindu
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