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Muslim Baby Names Starting With G with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
GulaliGorgeous GirlMuslim
GuleenOne with beautiful smile GirlMuslim
GulnarA plant whose flowers GirlMuslim
GulzaarRose-garden GirlMuslim
GuzeedaThe chosen one GirlMuslim
GuzeenaSelecting, Adopting selectMuslim
GhusounBranches GirlMuslim
GoharPrecious Stone GirlMuslim
GraceGraceful GirlMuslim
Guadaluperiver name GirlMuslim
GuhikaVoice of a bird GirlMuslim
Gul badanBeautiful body resembling rose GirlMuslim
Gul banoPrincess of Flowers GirlMuslim
Gul bargRose petal GirlMuslim
Gul chehraBeautiful like flower GirlMuslim
Gul e ranaSweet-Smelling Rose GirlMuslim
Gul izarRosy-cheeked GirlMuslim
Gul janFlower Life GirlMuslim
Gul mehtabMoon like flower GirlMuslim
Gul minaLovely Flower GirlMuslim
Gul nasreenForest Flower GirlMuslim
Gul panrhaFlower Petal GirlMuslim
Gul rangRose-coloured GirlMuslim
Gul ruRosy-faced GirlMuslim
GulalaGorgeous GirlMuslim
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