Common Ayurvedic Treatments Recommended for Prostate Problems

There are many prostate problems faced by men and in Ayurveda, they are classified as problems due to vata, pitta or kapha disturbance.

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Common Ayurvedic Treatments Recommended for Prostate Problems

Prostrate problems are one of the most common problems faced by men today. These problems usually start once a man has reached middle age. There are various prostate problems that men can face, from the most common problem of prostatitis to the fatal problem of prostate cancer. Prostate problems are said to advance with the increase in the age of men. Hence, it is necessary to identify the prostate problems and treat them well in time before they become difficult to handle. One of the treatments for prostate problems is ayurveda.

The ayurvedic treatment for prostate problems will be different for different problems. These problems and their ayurvedic treatments are mentioned below.

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Herbs for Prostrate Problems due to Pitta Vitiation

Herbs to be used are punarvana (hog weed), barley and ushira (khus khus). These herbs are cooling herbs and hence will help treating the prostate problems by normalising high pitta.

Herbs for Prostrate Problems due to Vata Vitiation

These are herbs to be used to rid the person of prostate problems caused due to vata vitiation are shalaba mishri or the roots of the salep orchid. The restorative power of this herb helps to treat the problems. Other ayurvedic herbs like guggulu, punarvana and gokshura are also used to treat such problems.

Herbs for Prostrate Problems due to Kapha Vitiation

Herbs like ginger, guggulu, cinnamon spice and shilajit are used while treating prostate problems due to kapha condition. The purifying properties of the guggulu herb help in normalising the kapha vitiation.

Herbs for Prostate Enlargement

Prostrate enlargement occurs when nodules accumulate in the prostrate gland over a number of years. The herb used for ayurvedic treatment for prostate enlargement is the juice of prickly lettuce or bitter lettuce. Shilajit and charak are the other herbs used in this treatment.

Herbs for Urinary Problems due to Prostate Problems

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The fruit of the herb gokshura is ground and boiled with water, reduced to half the quantity and mixed with sugar to treat the various urinary problems which might one suffer from due to any prostate problem. Punarvana is also used for ayurvedic treatment for prostate problems.

In addition to the above treatments, there are some additional tips that a person can implement to treat prostate problems.

  • Include tomatoes in all meals
  • Alternate between hot and cold therapy everyday for about 15 minutes near the prostate gland
  • Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for a long time
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; in fact quitting these habits completely to avoid relapse
  • Never holding back the feeling of urination
  • Never curbing appetite and thirst for long periods of time
  • Avoid late nights 
  • Start with some form of exercise everyday
  • Reduce sexual activity during the treatment

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