Asthma Symptoms in Children

It is usually difficult to point out the signs and symptoms of asthma in children. Learn if the symptoms mentioned, here, are present in your child.

Aditi Dasgupta
AsthmaWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Jan 25, 2012
Asthma Symptoms in Children

It is emotionally hard to see little children suffer the trauma of asthma at a tender age. Asthma has been a rising cause of worry among many families, people and doctors all over the world as the causes and symptoms of the disease are increasingly getting worse. Most people even fail to realise that they are victims of the disease. Here is an easy guide that discusses few indicators of asthma symptoms in children:

  • Initially, children unknowingly expose themselves to dust and dirt in the playground. If your child feels excessively sweaty in winter while feeling tightness in the chest, it is time you take your child to an asthma specialist and get him or her checked.
  • If the child wheezes often at night or early morning, it might be an asthma symptom. If the child has climbed a few stairs or has run around for a short while only to feel severe breathlessness, it may be a case of bronchial asthma, which is a chronic case of asthma. The texture of the cough is often dry and thick. Wheezing is more prominent in sound when the child breathes out.
  • Some children have narrow and constricted airways right from their birth, which genetically makes them asthmatics. These children have problems of sinusitis and often complain of cough and phlegm formation in their chest. This is the most prominent symptom of asthma and parents should get their children immediate medical help upon diagnosis. Doctors can detect asthmatic symptoms in new born children and help parents take suitable steps to keep their child’s asthma under control.
  • If your child starts sneezing continuously upon seeing your neighbour’s pet dog or cat, he or she may be suffering from allergy induced asthma. The child may also be repellant from pollen, certain kinds of food items such as prawns and other environmental conditions such as smoke, pollution and extreme weather conditions.
  • If your family history has cases of asthma patients, your child is even more vulnerable to be hit by the disease.

At times, it gets difficult to detect asthmatic conditions in infants, teenagers and toddlers and with a deteriorating weather condition, one must always opt for health checkups from time to time. Children should not be exposed to harsh weather conditions such as cold and rain when the temperature fluctuates drastically and does not give the body enough time to adjust to the temperature outside.


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