Asthma Symptoms in Adults

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Feb 25, 2011

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Asthma symptoms in adults can vary in severity. In most of the cases, the following symptoms, a combination or solely, hold true.

  • A person suffering from asthma experiences wheezing while exhaling air from the nostrils. This is a usual case of asthma attack which is then followed by a sharp increase in the breathing rate.
  • Another major symptom in asthmatic patients is the shortness of breath. This happens due to excessive stress, depression, hyperactivity, tension and may be further triggered off by allergens. This may be mild or severe and accordingly, the patient might or, in cases, might not realise its happening. There lies the danger since these symptoms have to be taken note of, always.
  • Problems can be traced down in the respiratory tract due to which the patient may suffer chest tightness. Such a congestion and blockage may thus lead to a problem in breathing.
  • Sometimes, this is accompanied by pain in the chest area.
  • Following from such interruptions in the lungs, the person suffers form coughing, severe and frequent, more often than not.
  • Due to heavy physical exercise, the heart rate increases rapidly. Such an abnormal rate of the pumping of the heart also leads to severe sweating.



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