Live Fish Therapy for Asthmatics - Does it Work?

Along with fish oil, there are various other fish therapies that can help in curing asthma patient. Know all about the fish oil and different fish therapies that can cure asthma.

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AsthmaWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jul 09, 2018
Live Fish Therapy for Asthmatics - Does it Work?

Asthma is an acute lung disease, which affects the breathing passages that carry air to and from the lungs. The breathing passages become swollen or inflamed and cause the airways to become narrower. This develops difficulty in breathing as less air can pass through the narrowed airways. Symptoms of asthma are wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue, sore throat, common cold, chest tightness and coughing. It is a new belief that treatment with certain fish and their supplements are beneficial for asthmatics. Let us look at some asthma treatment by fish.

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Fish oil

Fish oil and its supplements are prepared with mackerel, tuna, salmon and cod liver as they are fatty fish. Fish oil carries omega 3 fatty acids, which are considered “good” fats that reduce inflammation and other asthma symptoms. Use of fish oil has proved beneficial for children suffering from bronchial asthma. Consuming 3g of fish oil daily is considered helpful to asthmatics, but more than 3g can cause bad breath, loose tools and nasal bleeding. 

Fish oil should not be replaced with prescribed medicines to relieve asthma. Consult a doctor before including fish oil to your asthma treatment program. Fish oil is also effective in treating a wide range of heart ailments, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Fish Therapy for Asthmatics

Fish therapy for asthmatics has been in the news worldwide.  In this therapy, a medicine is prepared with 2-inch to 3-inch long murrel fish, which is believed to carry a drop of the secret formula. For permanent relief, this fish medicine is advised to be taken for three consecutive years. Asthmatic patients, who wish to consume this fish medicine, are asked not to eat or drink for four hours prior to its consumption and two hours post the consumption. This “magical” fish medicine passes down the throat easily and makes an entry into the alimentary tract while clearing the excess mucus and phlegm- the major factors contributing to asthma.

This fish medicine can only be effective when prepared with murrel fish as it does not die easily when taken out of water. It is due to this reason that it moves in alimentary canal for longer time than any other fish. This fish therapy for treating asthmatics has to be followed for 45 days with a restricted diet. 

This therapy involves consumption of a live fish with six pills, which are taken on the 15th day, 30th day and on 45th day. These pills are taken twice a day-once in morning on empty stomach and one hour after the dinner.  The diet, which accompanies this therapy, includes figs, tea, garlic, ginger, lemon, spinach and other beneficial food items. The Hyderabad-based Gaud family has given the fish therapy and administered this on thousands of people. 

Before undertaking any asthma treatment by fish, it is advisable to consult your doctor regarding the same. People sensitive to fish and their supplements must not invest in these treatments as they can increase the health trouble.

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