Are Organic Disposable Diapers Safe for Babies?

Newborn Care - If you opt for organic disposable diapers, you are sure to enjoy many advantages over the usual inorganic diaper.

Pratima Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Oct 20, 2011
Are Organic Disposable Diapers Safe for Babies?

The norms of childcare have undergone tremendous transformation over the years. Extensive use of improved technologies that translate into advanced products makes baby care a truly enjoyable experience.  The latest trend is the usage of baby diapers which has truly made the dreaded “potty time” much easier and manageable.


In tandem with the growing popularity of baby diapers, several multinational companies have ventured into this segment, laying out world class products catering to various dimensions and specifications. You can easily select one which proves to be the most suitable for your little one.

The problems with baby diapers arise with the volume of urine or stool passed by your baby through a given period of time. This may vary from one baby to the other. The result of immensely overwhelming volumes of liquid and solid excreta that your little one might produce can lead to serious issues pertaining to diaper disposal.


Frequent disposal of dirty diapers can eventually cause environmental hazards by leading to huge amount of garbage in trash bins and community garbage pits. These factors have probably resulted in the innovation of disposable diapers which can be directly disposed off without allowing garbage to accumulate. The latest entrants in this category are the organic disposable diapers. However the vital query remains, are organic disposable diapers safe for babies? The answer is a reassuring “yes”.


Disposable Organic Diapers: Multiple Advantages

Some distinct advantages of disposable organic diapers which make them suitable choices for infants are listed below:

  • Organic diapers are known to be absolutely chemical free and made from purely natural substances. Therefore your baby is not exposed to any harmful compounds or pesticides. In addition, the natural substances make the diaper much softer and more absorbent too. Therefore, they keep the baby more comfortable and diapers do not need to be changed frequently. Sometimes a diaper can lead to serious rashes and allergies in babies. Such incidences can be minimised when organic diapers are used.
  • Disposable ones will either use Velcro, or fleece or snaps for keeping the diaper in place, which ensures a drier fit. Old fashioned pins and pre-folds are not used here.
  • The flexible design of the organic diapers helps in preventing leakage and diaper blowouts. The sides are secured with the help of added protection and the result can be better than most of the other synthetic alternatives in the markets.
  • Despite being a tad expensive, these disposable organic diapers are preferred because they provide an immensely comfortable experience for the baby and the mother.

Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a diaper pack, the organic disposable diapers fit the bill in every respect. However, it is important to check on the suitability of the size and the dimensions, before opting for any of the available variants.


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