Anti-Aging Properties of Semen

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Sep 02, 2011

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Woman faceWe are all in the race for beautiful skin that does not show any visible signs of ageing and continues to look glorious despite the toll of years. To add to the never ending bevy of products and home remedies is now semen. Yes, semen according to a new research has anti ageing properties and women who ingest it have a better chance at maintaining the quality of their skin. In fact, according to reports ingesting semen also boosts immunity and makes women healthier.


This unusual research has been headed by Clifford J. Ponsonby who is a psychologist at the State University of Washington. He undertook the study in order to discover the reason behind the flawless skin of some women when compared with others. The study spanned over 45 years and the sample included 753 college going females and also European prostitutes.


During the study, it was observed that women who regularly swallowed semen and had sexual intercourse without using a condom had a better chance of living a healthier life with beautiful flawless skin. These women could eat fatty foods without restrain but did not gain any excess weight. In fact, semen reportedly increased life expectancy in women by 35% who ingested it whether vaginally or orally.


The miraculous anti-ageing properties of semen are being attributed to the fact it contains powerful hormones such as testosterone, prolactin, prostaglandins and oestrogen. All these accelerate the process of rejuvenating the skin and also enable the body to keep the skin healthy. On the flipside, staying away from semen makes women prone to depression, weight gain and wrinkles.

Although the findings of the study have been made public in ‘Why women need semen’, lead researcher Ponsonby is of the opinion that further inquiries need to be made into the claim and the results verified using a larger sample group.



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