Anti-ageing Tips for Women

Lifelong responsibility of multi-tasking leaves women with less time for themselves making them age early. Delay the ageing process with these age-defying remedies.

Pratima Sharma
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: May 27, 2011
Anti-ageing Tips for Women

If you are already in your mid thirties, battling the ageing factor could be foremost on your mind.How to best to do is our area of concern here. Take a look.


Anti-ageing tipsMost of us, especially women, are always keen on preserving the youthful radiance which was so much a part of our yesteryears. Therefore, for women, tips for combating skin damage and wrinkles could be hot topics of discussions and deliberations. Cosmetic manufacturers have done their bit by introducing several formulations of anti-ageing products in the market, all of which promise to deliver excellent and even miraculous results. They even attempt to establish their effectiveness by mentioning the ingredients present in each of these and explaining how each of them would slacken the pace at which the skin ages.

For women, however, anti-ageing tips are not about superficial application of cosmetic compounds alone. There are several other measures which are intrinsic to the anti-ageing process. They include lifestyle changes, alterations in regular dietary pattern and some psychological changes as well. It is about overhauling your entire system rather than just spending on pricey cosmetics. Therefore, suitable anti-ageing tips for women are those which provide an ideal blend of all these essential elements.
Some simple steps can help you immensely in the fight against ageing skin and hasten the anti-ageing process too.

Learn to Relax

Stress has been named as one of the major causes for premature ageing and related problems by several periodic tests which have been carried out through a sustained period of time. Therefore, you must learn to relax as much as you can. Ideally, you must indulge in a relaxing activity at least once a week and take some time out for yourself. Lesley Reynolds Khan, who has been in the beauty business for over 20 years and the author of Easy Ways to Drop a Decade, says that there is a big difference on how the face looks when it is normal and how it looks when someone is under stress. “Their brow furrows and forms a deep frown line- a real age giveaway”, she added. On the other hand, a stress-free person appears a lot younger than someone who is always wincing through their facial muscles. People who are stressed tend to lower levels of the anti-stress hormone known as DHEA.

Do Weights

Most of us know that regular exercises are good for the mind and the body. Lifting weights, however, is considered to be most suitable for anti-ageing purposes. Weightlifters develop a bit of muscle and these exercises are most suitable for preventing the skin from sagging. They tone up your body, generating a look which is youthful and refreshing. According a 2009 study, patients who had mild heart failure and who did strength training at least three times a week for about eight weeks, improved several of the markers of heart function compared with those who got standard care. This is because strength training, according to Julia Maranan, author of 100 Best Ways to Stop Aging and Stay Young, enhances the blood flow in the body helping the blood flow to and fro the heart and the arteries and reach every skin cell to provide it with the nutrient it needs to enhance elasticity and collagen production.

Avoid Processed Foods
For women, the anti-ageing process can be effectively disturbed with the consumption of processed foods. These are known to be responsible for a host of associated problems that include skin troubles, cancers, allergies, premature ageing and greying. The book Get Rid of Cellulite: Simple Shortcuts to Beautiful Skin restates that consumption of processed foods makes one’s bottom crinkly i.e. leads to early ageing. This is because the salt that is present in the processed foods pushes the body to hold on to water, leading to bloating and dimpling under the skin, which is called cellulite. So, to kick away premature ageing, cut your salt intake and the intake of processed foods. Some of the foods you must right away proscribe from your diet are stock, sauces and soups. Instead, substitute these evil foods with lots of water intake and make use of fresh herbs, lemon or spices to flavour your food.
Use Well Researched Products

Try and buy anti-ageing products after a bit of research. You need to jot down their ingredients and try and find out more about them, before usage. Try to buy small packs first and test their effectiveness before opting for long term use. The anti-ageing cosmetics like creams and make-up equipments tend to be loaded with chemicals that can cause pimples and lead to scarring and black spots. These can make your face look even more stressed and aged. So, look forward to buying cosmetics that are purely based on herbs.
Stick to Natural Remedies
There are some purely natural substances based remedies which can be especially helpful in dealing with factors that lead to the ageing of the skin. You need to read up on them and find the most suitable one for you. Although, they might not assure and provide instant results, but they are good for your skin in the long run and do not have any associated side-effects to be concerned about.

Accelerating the anti-ageing process of the skin would require some serious and well planned efforts, particularly for women. You need to be patient and bring about positive changes in your lifestyle that last. This is much better than living an unhealthy lifestyle and expect to look good with anti-ageing make-up.


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