Animal Cell Jab can cut Stubborn Fat

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Oct 08, 2012

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Animal Cell Jab can cut Stubborn Fat

Dieters, here’s some good news! Injections of animal cells are on their way to be developed by scientists to help cut that stubborn fat under your chin, abdomen, etc. Researchers from the Ohio University obese people could burn fat more quickly when injected with tiny capsules of modified heat-producing cells that are commonly found in babies and animals. The injection works in burning excess fat as the cells send out signals that change the surrounding fat tissues causing extra calories to be used up by way of producing body heat instead of being stored as fat. The jab, the researchers say, would solve a major concern that dieters have, which is of losing stubborn fat irrespective of doing regular exercises and losing weight.


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When the injection as tested in animals, it was found that the capsules made the obese mice to lose up to 10% of their fat even when they were fed a high calorie diet. The researchers are hopeful of using the capsule in obese dogs and later making it available for humans. The capsules that are about three times the width of human hair may be injected into certain areas, such as buttocks, thighs, under chin or arms to remove the fat, which is possible with a single injection.


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