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Feb 04, 2011

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If your partner still doesn't let the lips and tongue do the talking in bed, here's FYI to the help


When oral sex is performed on a woman, it is known as cunnilingus. On a man, it's called fellatio. Both top the wish lists of most minds at dirty play. Especially men, since that gives them the chance to be 'consumed' rather than play 'provider' all the time. However, couples often go wrong at the 'oral test,' putting off their partners and losing out on some loaded action. FYI helps you ace the tricky art.


Grab a quick bite


Keep the tool handy whenever you're running against deadline. No undressing, no beds, no music and no fancy décor needed. The elevator is enough, if not a dark, dingy corner around.  But remember, you must pass the pre-lims in style if you are to qualify for round two later. If if you manage to a get good grade, she might drop in tonight. Guys, get it clean. Make sure your boy's bathed clean and smelling good, and shed the fuzz if she's finicky.  Girls, the same would make you feel good, too, and help him taste you deeper. Men must let their woman take her time to get there. The more the anticipation, the better the play. And it's okay if she doesn't want to get down under all the time; imagine how boring a daily chore becomes! Also, remember that the purpose is not to press him/her for it, but enjoy mutual pleasure in whatever way it comes naturally to both. Don't ask for it if he/she doesn't seem keen.


Blowing it up


Getting your lips, teeth and tongue to work needn't be restricted to foreplay. It can be carried out as a complete sexual act, which needn't be followed by an intercourse. According to a report published in 2005, mutual masturbation was on a high among US teens, because they preferred to derive the same sexual pleasure as that of intercourse without losing their virginity. Ditto with those who want to avoid pregnancy and contraception hassles. Done right, it's far more stimulating, too.


Pause and play


Don't rush. Tease, please, stop. Resume when they're dying for more. The fairer sex responds well when they're relished slow and smooth, so that their body feels like a masterpiece, not just an object of sex. Get fast and furious gradually, when you see her heaving heavily. The trick is to keep it erotic, not acrobatic! Start by kissing her crotch and help her open up. While pleasuring, remember that licking her labia for a good, wet while and sucking the li'l pink clitoris that lies hidden within works better than hitting the vagina directly. Note the body language and go along.


Girls, if you want to give your boy a good time, take in as much of him as you can, and keep the pressure on the rise. Circle your tongue around his stuff and let your teeth edges nudge it gently. See him crumble. If it's the 69 you're at, we suggest the side-by-side position; the others are often choking.


If going all the way still feels eww, flick your tongue around her pinkies and finger simultaneously. Girls, on the other hand, can make sure well-lubed lips do for his baby what your tongue isn't ready to. Another great tip is to spread her outer lips with your hand. Then, with your tongue pointed and stiff, gently flick here and there. Feel free to roam, but keep coming back to her clitoris - the one and only climax zone. This drives some women wild, and others can't take it. Some may prefer that you always leave your tongue soft, so when you try this, pay attention to whether those moans are ecstacy or pain. Whoever told you to keep that mouth shut!



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