ANA Test during Pregnancy

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May 25, 2012

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An anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) is performed in patients to identify autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The test is also conducted during pregnancy term to determine problems with the immune system that may influence fertility. In a nutshell, ANA test can be detrimental to explain a woman's ability to get pregnant and maintain healthy pregnancy with a streamlined functioning of immune system.

The screening identifies the ability of the body's own tissues and development of autoimmune diseases. The autoimmune disease may begin with symptoms such as fatigue, fever, joint pain, skin rashes and swelling.

Pregnancy and ANA

Women identified with autoimmune disorders are not likely to become pregnant or face problems to maintain pregnancy. Therefore, ANA test becomes crucial to identify autoimmune disorders that may lead to pregnancy complications or even miscarriage.

ANA test is usually done to screen for autoimmune disorders and infected tissues are detected with the assistance of anti-nuclear antibodies.

Autoimmune Disorders related to Pregnancy

Autoimmune diseases occur owing to the dysfunction of the immune system wherein the immune system generates antibodies that attack the cells of the body even though they are not invasive.

Women are more likely to be identified with an autoimmune disorder compared with men. Adding to the vows of child desirers, the disorder peaks during childbearing age. Therefore, it remains a serious concern to check for potential threat to pregnancy because of inadequate mechanism of theimmune system. The disorder is an inroad for the pregnancy to begin and develop.

Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disorders

The presence of ANA in the blood indicates autoimmune disorder. The concentration of lower level indicates the development of autoimmune reaction. Low concentration in a woman, who had experienced a miscarriage, indicates that the autoimmune response is a plausible factor to be involved.

Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders

ANA test identifies and addresses the concern of infertility due to immune system dysfunction. Moreover, ANA scan also identifies a woman’s chances to be at-risk for another miscarriage. If the test results come out to be positive, further screening is required to clarify immune status and determine appropriate treatment.

There are several treatment options to boost the chances of a healthy pregnancy for women dealing with autoimmune problems. Among the common treatment methods are steroid prednisone and aspirin or the drug heparin (used blood thinner).

Thyroid antibody tests are followed by autoimmune testing. Tests for thyroid hormones include T3, T4 and TSH that determine the cause of thyroid dysfunction. Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves' disease may occur in pregnant women with elevated levels of thyroid antibodies.


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